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Hi All,


I’m writing to let you know about our observations around COVID and about a change in the magnesium supplement we recommend*.


In an informal survey of COVID outcomes among my patients, it appears that so far, everyone carefully following the Protocol has come through without complications. It doesn’t mean it was an easy ride for everyone, but at least no hospitalizations or residual symptoms. I have also had the opportunity to treat some who had not been following the Protocol, got very sick, and were either hospitalized or had significant lasting symptoms (long COVID), who then recovered quickly after implementing the Protocol. These findings validate our role in overall health and that real health is our best defense against all types of illness. Of course I can’t claim to specifically treat COVID, but I do believe that if we are truly addressing the foundations of health, we can improve the outcome of any condition.


It appears the vaccine decreases the severity of symptoms for most people, but results are variable and not everyone is willing or able to be vaccinated. The possibility of new, more serious variants is still present. Now is not the time to be casual about our health as hospitals have become particularly important places to avoid. Whether you have had the illness or vaccine or not, a foundation of health for the challenges ahead is our most important ally. 


Certainly we should be following the guidelines of the CDC and our public health officials regarding COVID, but when it comes to overall health, conflicting information makes it difficult to know how to proceed. 


The seven components of the Protocol consistently help people to achieve better health and reduce symptoms while improving bloodwork and other objective findings. These are the seven pieces:


  1. Clear intestinal infection and the related liver and gallbladder congestion, and prevent their recurrence with zinc to facilitate stomach acid and digestion.

  2. Eliminate the four main subsidized foods from the diet.

  3. Keep blood sugar stable.

  4. Address basic deficiencies with diet and simple, mostly food-based supplements.

  5. Eat minimal sugar and starch.

  6. Walk.

  7. Resolve old injuries.


If you need help starting or restarting this protocol, come see us, 530-265-3095. My book is also quite helpful. You can get your copy at our office, at, or on Amazon. Please post a review of the book on Amazon and review Archer Chiropractic on Google. These reviews are very helpful. Please call us if you need help. 


Unfortunately, Magnesium Lactate from Standard Process has been reformulated and has been causing problems for some, and it now tests poorly within my technique. Fortunately, they released a new product around the same time that is a better option. E-Z Mg is mostly plant-based and works well. While it contains less magnesium, it is more bioavailable so that most people can take the same number of tablets of E-Z Mg as they were taking capsules of Magnesium Lactate. 


If you are wondering if you have the reformulated Magnesium Lactate, check the ingredient list. If the first ingredient is gelatin, that is the new one that tests poorly. If you haven’t had any issues, you can probably just finish the bottle. If you haven’t opened it, you can bring it back to us if you wish.


With the arrival of Fall, now is a good time to invest in our health to avoid illness during cold and flu season. If you haven’t been getting forty minutes of sustained mild aerobic exercise five or six days per week, now is a good time to step up. As the weather changes, reducing carbs is one of the best ways to avoid illness. Taking the Basic Eight or Nine supplements is also important as they make you stronger overall. To ensure you are truly absorbing those supplements, come see us so we can check your zinc absorption, stomach acid production, and all the other important factors.


Take care. I hope to see you soon,


Dr. Matt


* DISCLAIMER: This newsletter is for educational purposes only. It should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition. For diagnosis or treatment of a medical problem, consult your physician. Before starting any diet, exercise, or health protocol consult your doctor to determine if it is appropriate for you and your circumstances. The author and publisher claim no responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from the use of information contained in this email.

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