COVID-19 Update and Upcoming Book Release

Dear Friends and Patients of Archer Chiropractic,


We hope you are well in this stressful time. This letter is to share our recommendations around COVID-19 and to give an update on the approaching release of Dr. Matt's book, which will also be helpful in this regard.


If you want the short version of our recommendations, skip ahead to the bullet points below.


As you probably know, most of us are unlikely to suffer any serious health effects from COVID-19. If you adhere to our overall protocol, you may not be aware if or when you have the virus. The danger with unawareness is that we could spread it to more sensitive individuals. This is why containment of the disease is so difficult. However many of our patients are immunocompromised, deal with significant health issues, and/or are of advanced ages, where severe reactions become more likely. Even if we aren’t in those groups, it can’t be predicted how an individual will respond to a new virus.


If you are in one of these higher risk groups, it’s important to remember the foundation of health you’ve created, even if you aren’t following all of our recommendations. Every aspect of our healthcare protocol lends itself to strengthening the entire body and particularly benefits the immune system.


At the core of care is recognizing that zinc deficiency is a profound and universal issue that affects all aspects of health. In researching the book, we’ve found information that supports our findings in practice, that zinc deficiency is perhaps the greatest underlying cause of compromised health in the US. Zinc deficiency leads to weak stomach acid and therefore poor absorption of all nutrients. Weak stomach acid allows pathogens including viruses, bacteria, and others to survive the stomach acid, which may then create an acute infection and/or chronic intestinal infection. Chronic intestinal infection often increases vulnerability to lung infections like pneumonia that are perhaps the greatest concern with COVID. Zinc is also known to play a critical role in the immune system, although most people barely absorb it in a usable form. The use of Metagest (Betaine HCl) to insure absorption of high quality Zinc A.G. (both from Metagenics) during and after the process of clearing chronic intestinal infection takes zinc absorption and utilization to a level that may be unprecedented in our modern society. The implications for immunity and the results seen in practice of reduced colds, flus, other infections, and the full spectrum of health issues are extraordinary. 


Similarly, the significance of a low-carb diet, mostly free of fruit, grains, potatoes, and all other forms of sugar and starch can dramatically reduce or eliminate illness during cold and flu season. Sustained, gentle aerobic exercise like walking strengthens the immune system and effectively clears sugar from the blood. These pieces work extremely well together.


While the other aspects of our protocol may not be as directly linked to our ability to avoid colds, flus, and other illness, any piece that reduces inflammation and cortisol levels, improves nutrient absorption, or otherwise strengthens the body plays an important role. This is the rest of our protocol: stabilizing blood sugar, avoiding food irritants, addressing nutrition with simple food-based supplements, and clearing muscle weaknesses and injuries that add stress to the body.  


Here are the key pieces for immunity for an average adult:


  • Take two tablets of zinc per day after a protein meal with extra Metagest. If you normally take two Metagest, try three or four or more as long as Metagest causes no immediate sensation of burning in the stomach.

  • Keep carbohydrates as low as possible--maybe 20 grams per day or less. If you normally eat 100 grams or more, you may experience a drop in energy from this reduction. If so, reintroduce enough carbs to keep your energy acceptable. It should pick-up in a few days.

  • Walk continuously for 30 to 40 minutes per day without stressing the body.

  • If you have any hint of the beginnings of a cold or flu, take Rose Labs Lysine and Standard Process Desiccated Spleen with or without food. 


For the first day take Lysine at 2 capsules, 3 to 4 times per day and Spleen at 3 to 4 tablets, 3 to 4 times per day. If symptoms persist, continue to take at the same frequency and perhaps decrease Lysine to one cap and Spleen to 2 to 3 tabs until symptoms have passed.


These supplements are available at our office, are available through healthcare providers only, and can be shipped from our office.


We are currently scheduling phone apointments or in-office visits for acute conditions without cold or flu-like symptoms. We can confirm zinc absorption and check for chronic intestinal infection and the other main factors that stress the body and make us more vulnerable to injury or illness and interfere with healing. As always, you may call with questions -- 530-265-3095.


If you are sick, we ask you not to come in. Stay home and quarantine unless you need emergency care. In that case, either call ahead to the emergency room, or 911 if it’s an emergency.


Dr. Matt's book, The Protocol for Health: Seven Unexpected Solutions, will be available in a month or two. It’s for patients and others interested in understanding and following our care plan. It explains how, for the last five years, Dr. Matt has been able to guarantee results with almost all conditions. For the first couple months, the book will be available only at the office, and there will be discounts for purchasing multiple copies. We’ll send an email when we know the release date.


In health,


Drs. Jeanne and Matt Archer


707 Zion St., Suite A
Nevada City, CA 95959


(530) 265-3095

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